Wednesday, February 22, 2006

True vs. False - First Navy Flag - Liberty Tree vs. Snake Over Stripes (Retreating Rattler)


In early January, a Navy supply system officer provided the information that the Navy Snake Jack flag cost $46.80 each, more than the retail cost of $40 for the Liberty Tree First Navy Flag at the site below, and 55 Serpent Over Stripes flags were purchased as replacements from Navy ServMart in the past year.

Based on 3 Liberty Tree First Navy Flags per ship, and 300 Navy ships, with a fair discount for a volume purchase on the $40 cost of the Washington Cruiser - Liberty Tree flag available at: would yield a cost to implement this wise change of Navy Jack flags as only around $29,210.

If our Navy does not want to afford this nominal sum, are there any private or corporate sponsors? If so, please, send me an email at the address above, or call and let’s talk. Thanks. -- JRM

P.S. Buy and fly your own Liberty Tree First Navy Flag, or buy 3 desk size (6x9 inch) Liberty Tree Flags, one for you, one for your Congressman, and one for the Secretary of the Navy, by clicking on the CLICK&PLEDGE button on the right.

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