Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Appeal To Heaven Liberty Tree First Navy Flag Washington Cruisers Flag 2 September 1775 and on...

22 February a.d. 2006 - The 274th Anniversary of the Birth of GW - George Washington.

The image of the Evergreen Tree of Liberty - Appeal To Heaven - First Navy Flag is as depicted by retired Naval Academy Band instructor Ron McGlanahan. The image of the first Continental ship, named Hannah is from page 13 of the Naval Historical Foundation "coffee table" book published in a.d. 2000, titled "THE NAVY" (shown below the Liberty Tree - true First Navy Flag).

The British National Maritime Museum sent a photocopy of the letter of the Navy Admiral telling of the design of the First Navy Flag, as is shown in the penmanship on the lower right. Letter received on 3 January a.d. 2006. The ship Lee is flying the Appeal To Heaven flag as it brings in its capture, the ship Lively, with much needed 30,000 shirts, stockings, and pairs of shoes.

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