Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Way down at the end of this blog, is a key post, 
so I did a screen shot to let it rise again...
Given is the link at the Library of Congress that PROVES 
the motto is "Appeal to Heaven" 
"AN APPEAL" makes APPEAL a noun, 
and suggests one person or one time.
"Appeal" in "Appeal to Heaven" is a verb, 
an ACTION WORD, and suggests a
from Commander in Chief Washington
for ALL AMERICANS to "Appeal to Heaven", 
to pray continually for this country, One Nation Under God.

My dear friends, Poppet and Thomas Nelson, 
a descendant of Governor & Brigadier General Thomas Nelson
now of Yorktown, Virginia, 
loaned me an old book of A.D. 1935 about 
that I included several photos of its illustrations.

A compilation of recent comments on a USA Flag Forum
is gathered into an online document with link below:

Revival in America of the "Appeal to Heaven" Liberty Tree Flag, Images and photos...

The Spirit of George Washington LIVES! prays for America at Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania in August A.D. 2014.

A new book discussing the need in America to "Appeal to Heaven" is scheduled for publication in April A.D. 2015.  The first lines of the description on Amazon.com above discusses the flag that flew on the first ships of our Continental Navy, commissioned by Commander in Chief Washington.