Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Reply with images to errors of History in Deputy Director of Navy History letter of 23 Jan 2006

In response to the Deputy Director of Navy History words of justifying the Navy's historically erroneous dismissal of the Washington Cruisers as the first of the Continental Navy ships, the Captain writes "...Washington's fleet that operated in Massachusetts Bay..."

“You are to proceed as Commander… as may be found on the High Seas…”

How does the part of the order "on the High Seas" square with the Captain's letter, "in Massachusetts Bay..."?
From Washington’s Orders of 2 Sep 1775 to first Navy ship Captain, Nicholas Broughton.
p. 6, W.B.Clark G.Washington’s Navy

Also, remember Washington's Orders for the Hannah to proceed to Montreal to provide support to the campaign there, just a tad outside Massachusetts Bay.

In response to the words "...manned and officered entirely by the Continental Army."

p. 4 “An experienced sailing master, a master’s mate, and four seamen were hired at Beverly.”
p. 5 “The regiment was tapped for volunteers. Broughton’s company yielded but a dozen of the thirty-six privates selected.”
W.B.Clark G.Washington’s Navy

And the 24 April 1776 letter of GW to Hopkins asking for his 200 men to be returned that can be found at the University of Virginia George Washington Papers Project. Obviously, former Rhode Island Militia General Esek Hopkins, first Navy Commodore, or Navy Commander in Chief, used 200 men from Washington's Army, the same way Washington sought volunteers from the army to man the seven cruisers that he commissioned for the Continental Navy, all but the first of which were named for leaders of the Continental Congress, or the Continental cause, and all approved by the Continental Congress Navy Committee on its visit to Washington in October 1775, before Hopkins was named to head the Navy.

The First Navy Flag was before the (fictional) “Serpent” Flag now in use. Naval Historical Center site says the Serpent flag is questionable historically.Also shown on page 13 of THE NAVY published the Nav al Historical Foundation © 2000. The flag image shown center above is taken from American RevWar website maintained by a former music instructor at the Naval Academy, Ron McGlanahan. (

The frontispiece of the Volume 2 of the Naval Documents of The American Revolution shows George Washington (at top right); the date range given first is 3 September 1775 to 31 October 1775, the day after Commander-in-Chief Washington commissioned the Hannah with the flag above as shown on page 13 of THE NAVY published by The Naval Historical Foundation to the end of the month wherein the Navy was born (right center). On Page 441 and 442, the 13 October 1775 entry used to define the Navy’s birth begins with “A letter from Genl Washington, dated October 5th.

Do our Navy Leaders have the Courage to Serve the Truth, and Change the Flag?

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Anonymous said...

Why does the Navy send letters with errors of history?

'States'Manship said...

As the kids on the playground say, "You tell me and we'll both know."

There is also the saying,"Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up."

The reality is that the Navy staffers are just trying to justify the current position of the Navy, despite the facts that the current Navy Jack flag, the Snake Over Stripes flag, is in reality, a fraud that has been perpetuated on the American people claiming it has a patriotic heritage, which it does not.