Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Navy "Brass" afraid of giving General Washington his due as Navy strategist, and founder

This little quote from General George Washington about the importance of the Navy to victory I found on a website but do not recall which, and the screenshot does not show the URL.

General Washington wrote:

"In any operations, and under all circumstances
a decisive Naval superiority
is to be considered a fundamental principle
and the focus upon which every hope of success
must ultimately depend."

So why won't the current Navy brass, the top leadership of the Navy, stop its childish Army-Navy sibling rivalry that prevents the Navy from honest acknowledgement that General Washington commissioned the first Navy ship, the Hannah, on 2 September 1775, and several others in the weeks to follow, and on that ship and others called the Washington Cruisers, flew the true First Navy Flag, known as the Liberty Tree Flag, with the evergreen tree of Liberty and the motto "Appeal To Heaven" . The Liberty Tree Flag, First Navy Flag, is also called the Washington Cruisers Flag.

Please read to learn about this issue and then, please, jot me a note as to what you think can be done to get the Navy brass to show some class by honoring the true First Navy Flag with its Tree of Liberty.