Wednesday, March 22, 2006

StatesManship Store offers FirstNavyFlag.US items

First Navy Flag images now available on T-shirts, ball caps, and more...

While looking for a means to print paper and ebook copies of some of the History and patriotic prayer books I have compiled, I re-discovered that an internet saavy friend Tom Wentland of Chesapeake, Virginia told me about a year ago. I was not able to implement its services at the time since I did not have a web site, or a weblog (blog).

So thanks Tom, and thank any of you who click on over to my online story to buy some of the products available there, which will help promote this worthy First Navy Flag effort at promoting the True story of our Navy History. Again thanks.

What is kinda funny is that when I left active duty in the Navy in 1988, I purchased a computer graphics computer system with an ability to make photo T-shirts, and operated a store in Charleston, South Carolina. Finding a reliable, technical and outgoing person to run the store proved to be the biggest challenge. I did not recover my investment sad to say.

Six months later, I moved to the Mount Vernon, Virginia area, where I used the computer graphics T-shirt maker system for my church's outreach to the George Washington Birthday Parade in Alexandria. So here 18 years later I am using the same technology I purchased at some expense when I left the Navy, to promote the First Navy Flag, also known as the Washington Cruisers Flag, or Tree of Liberty flag, and indeed exercise the Right and Liberty of promoting Truth in our Navy.

At the time the technology was very expensive, just under $10K, and yet within a few years $50 or $100 computer graphic cards or Color Ink Jet Printers were bundling in the software to do the same service for creating the image. Creating a quality product was still a bit a challenge, and the cost of bulk purchase and trouble of inventory of the shirts and ball caps was a bother besides tying up your "free" capital and thereby negatively impacting your cash flow.

Now this service, provides a simplified avenue to "personalized" products to promote your Vision or your values, or in this case to promote the Vision of the true First Navy Flag. Check 'em out, and tell them "StatesManship" sent ya'.

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