Monday, January 30, 2006

Navy Supply flag costs, projection of cost of change of Jack flag

In a note in my penmanship, I relate to Captain Wheeler that a representative of a Navy supply command indicated that the Navy Snake Jack flag sells for $46.80. Further, it was learned that in the past year Navy ServMart sold 55 Navy snake jack flags.

Based on 3 flags per ship, and guessing 400 Navy ships, the projected cost for this change is $56,160. Since 30 January when the note was written, the news reported that in the new federal budget the Navy was going to increase from its current 281 ships. So recalculating based on 300 ships, rather than 400, yields $42,120.

This is to say that the cost to make this change is miniscule in terms of the massive federal budget.

Currently there are no known suppliers of an accurate rendition of the First Navy Flag, best based on the notes of Washington's aide, Colonel Joseph Reed, telling of the motto "Appeal To Heaven" below the tree, or secondarily in the letter in the penmanship of the British admiral Sir Hugh Pellasier, of the colors of the Continental ship Washington surrendered by the captain, Sion or Simon Martindale.

UPDATE >>> ABOVE paragraph is in error of no known suppliers for the Washington Cruisers First Navy Flag...

The rendition of the Liberty Tree flag, First Navy Flag, on the website of former Naval Academy music instructor Ron McGranahan, is the one seen in other places on this blog website.

In a phone conversation on Friday, 17 February 2006, he related that was the source of his design.

Clicking on the links shows that the flag can be purchased one at a time for $40.00. The purchase of 900 at a time should allow a Navy contracts officer to secure a discount from the regular retail price, lets say 17.75 per cent (for the year 1775 the flag first flew). With that projected discount on a lower cost per flag the recalculated cost comes to $29,210.

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