Thursday, December 22, 2005

Extracts from 22 Dec 2005 email reply to RADM Tobin of NAVHISTCEN email:

Extracts from 22 Dec 2005 email reply to RADM Tobin of NAVHISTCEN email:

Dear Admiral Tobin,

Thank you for your reply email.

I am not surprised that you are aware of my interest in the Navy Jacks, or that you have been briefed by your staff - several times…

…It was a "revelation" to me to learn that the Rattlesnake Jack was not a true Revolution era flag.

Well meaning, patriotic people did NOT know in 1975, or even 2002, that the Rattlesnake Jack flag is a lie -- but we do NOW.

"NOW is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country..."

Ambassador Middendorf has told me that he sees the error and believes that the Navy Jack should be changed from the Rattlesnake Jack.

Won't you join him, a man of impressive historical knowledge and understanding?

You write, the Fleet is quite content with the decision. Yet would the Fleet be content if they knew that the flag were not true? If they knew the Navy "let fly a lie"?

There is the old saying "A lie can get half way around the world before the Truth gets its boots on." Winston Churchill said, "...before the Truth gets its pants on."

You also write, Our role here is to confirm the history of the versions of the Jack and we have done that.

But have we? Have we done so fully? With other daily demands on our time, have we been diligent in serving the Truth?

When I met with Dr. Crawford on 11 October 2005, he said, "They did not consult with us."

From further research, I perceive his statement meant that the Bicentennial Navy Jack project officers did not consult with the Early History Branch, because I know from talking with CDR Berryman nearby in Virginia Beach who worked on the project in 1975 that he and others from the Secretary's office worked with people at the Naval Historical Center.

The reality is that at that time pretty much everyone took the Rattlesnake flag as "the gospel truth". I surely did. Did you?

Now we know better. There is considerable doubt the Rattlesnake Flag EVER flew on a Continental ship, or any Revolution era Navy ship.

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