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Decision Points on True First Navy Flag from SECNAV lecture on Leadership at Naval Academy

Decision Points on change of Navy Jack Flag from “Snake” to Washington Cruisers Flag
[Updated from Letter to SECNAV England from LCDR Manship ltr 10520.7 of 5 October 2005]

From Secretary Gordon England’s Forrestal Series lecture on Leadership at the Naval
Academy, are pertinent points:

8. Never stop learning — depth and breadth of knowledge are equally
important (I pray that my letters expand our Navy’s depth and breadth of knowledge on
our 1st Navy Flag. Historians are just now learning “new” facts about Roman ships of
two millennia ago, is it then not reasonable that historians - and statesmen like you - may
learn “new” facts about American ships of two centuries ago.)

>>A.On 21 October 2005, Dr. Dennis Conrad of the Naval Historical Center told about
the article by flag expert Peter Ansoff in the journal Raven, vol. 11 (2004), titled “The
First Navy Jack” to historian Manship.

>>B. From Page 2 of the Raven article, “In fact, however, there is little evidence that
his flag was flown by Commodore Hopkins in 1775, or that it even existed during
the American Revolution.”

>>C. After “9-11” in 2001 and early 2002 before signing SECNAV Instruction
10520.6 on 31 May 2002, Captain Brayton Harris, one of the project officers on the use
of the Rattlesnake Jack for the Bicentennial in 1975, was one man who promoted the re-
introduction of the flag for the Global War on Terrorism. No one involved in the 2002
event would have known of the 2004 article “The First Navy Jack” by flag expert Ansoff.

9. Encourage constructive criticism
(I pray both content and tone of my “Tree of Liberty” Flag letters and concept are received as constructive.)

>>A.Truly there is no criticism of Navy officers in 1975 or 2002 on the past errors
because “Generations of flag historians have assumed them to be authentic, and have
built upon them a legend of the First Navy Jack – an historic flag that never was.” P. 10.

11. Make ethical standards more important than legal requirements.
(When I tell Americans of this True Navy Flag, many folks express words of intimidation or “fear” -- of the
ACLU types “legal” objections; FDR reminds us the only fear is fear itself. We must not be cowered.)

>>(A) The motto “Appeal To Heaven” is NOT denomination specific. The Islamic faith
requires its adherents to pray, or “Appeal To Heaven” five times a day. The Jewish faith is well
known for its devotions, prayers, and Appeals To Heaven. The Indian naturalistic faith is
exhibited by a New York Indian Chief who said that George Washington, alone among the white
men, would be welcomed in “Indian Heaven”. Many oriental faiths tout meditation, which is a
synonym for prayer, or an “Appeal To Heaven”. The Christian faith is to pray unceasingly, to
“Appeal To Heaven”, yet in Washington’s case with Grace before meals, and Morning and
Evening prayers, he prayed at least five times a day. (See Washington’s prayers in his own
penmanship, and learn aspects of his prayer life from the e-book PRAYER WARRIOR.)

>>(B) The GW 1st Navy Flag is correct historically. Both the Naval Historical Center website
as shown by [ref. (c)], and the picture shown in
(e) THE NAVY, Naval Historical Foundation, RADM W. J. Holland, USN, (Ret.), © 2000 [ref.
(e)], reveal the Washington Cruisers Flag is the true First Navy Flag.
Let the barking dogs bark, they don’t bite when barking, and the Leadership Institute Law
of the Public Policy Process #12 is
“Keep your eye on the main chance and don’t stop to kick every barking dog.”

>>(C) This is visionary as President Reagan said in 1982, “The most sublime picture in
American history is of George Washington on his knees...” in his Appeal To Heaven; more
“sublime” than the majestic Capitol dome, or the soaring eagle or the fluttering flag. While this
Washington Cruiser First Navy Flag does not show the “father of His country” Washington on his
knees, yet “his” First Navy Flag motto conveys a similar inspired, and inspirational, message.

>>(D) While “Revolutionary”, the GW flag is consistent with previous federal recognitions.
a. The Pentagon chapel shows GW kneeling in prayer
b. The U.S. Capitol Members’ Prayer Room shows GW kneeling in prayer
c. The USS George Washington ship’s chapel shows GW kneeling in prayer
d. The Fort Belvoir Chapel in Mount Vernon shows GW kneeling in prayer
e. The Redstone Arsenal Chapel in Alabama shows GW kneeling in prayer
f. U.S. Postage Stamps in 1924 and 1977 show GW kneeling in prayer
g. The Treasury Building, on Wall Street in New York where Washington
was Inaugurated, now near “Ground Zero”, shows GW kneeling in prayer

>>(E) It is akin to “Call in Naval Gunfire” support for the Naval Academy (my father Kam
Manship, Sr., was Class of 1943). The Navy’s leaders have shown courage standing strong
against the relentless onrush against our One Nation Under God and our Navy’s faith traditions.
Just remember the words of Commander-in-Chief Washington on 3 July 1776:
“The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the conduct and
courage of this army, defending the dearest rights and liberties of this country...”

12. Strive for team-based wins, not individual
(I do not say “I know it all”, the Naval Historical Center and other sources are cited. I appeal to you, and
your team, to Transform The World with this simple true change. Together Everyone Achieves More.)

(A) The team based win is a combination of the Early History Branch of the
Naval Historical Center, the flag expert Peter Ansoff, and historian/journalist Manship.

In an email on Oct 21, 2005, at 10:54 AM, Dennis CONRAD, of NAVHISTCEN wrote:
Dear Mr. Manship: We are passing around the office an article that may be of real
interest to you.

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