Monday, September 26, 2005

Senator Warner (former SECNAV) letter of 26 Sep 2005

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‘GW’ showing First Navy Flag to Children in South Norfolk

First Navy Flag before “Serpent” Flag, Naval Historical Center site says this flag was first

SECNAV England in Iraq Navy Reserve Assoc. NEWS

26 September a.d. 2005

The Honorable John Warner
Senator for the Commonwealth of Virginia
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Warner,

As one of “my” Senators serving the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and as a former Secretary of the Navy, I write this additional letter after two previous ones, asking, even imploring your involvement and action to accomplish a “GW”, a good work, to have the Navy use the true First Navy Flag, as the “jack” flag for our American Navy ships of war during the duration of War on Terrorism; a flag also known as “The Washington Cruisers Flag” and described as the “Evergreen Tree of Liberty” flag.

I ask that you take action to issue a new Navy instruction to be dated 22 February a.d. 2006, the 274rd anniversary of the birth of George Washington, (or as soon thereafter as may be required due to delays, with Independence Day being an excellent alternative) for the Secretary of the Navy to direct the use of the Washington’s First Navy Flag, alternatively known as the Washington Cruisers Flag, in place of the union jack and the “Serpent over Stripes” jack at least for the duration of the Global War on Terrorism.

On Saturday, 24 September, a week after Constitution Day, in my morning devotions of reading another GW- God’s Word – “mine eyes have seen the glory of” Hosea 14:8-9:
8 “...I am like an evergreen tree...”
9 “Whoever is wise, let him understand these things.
“Whoever is intelligent, let him listen.” [partial quotations]
Thank you for your consideration and action upon this right and fitting request.

Your most humble & obedient servant,

Geo. Washington

1039 East Ocean View, Cottage A
Norfolk, Virginia 23503
a.k.a James Renwick Manship, Sr., LCDR, USNR
Chairman, W.I.S.E.: Washington Institute for Statesmanship Education

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