Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Nelson

Thomas Nelson, Jr. was the great patriot of Yorktown, and his descendant, Thomas Nelson follows in his big boot prints, along with his wonderful wife. Commander Nelson shared the small book FLAGS of AMERICA published in 1935 in Huntington, West Virginia by Colonel William H. Waldron, USA.

Some of the pages with flag images from that book are shown below. (NOTE: The flag images are as commonly seen, but are not in all cases supported by scholarly citations to establish if the flag ever flew. The a.d. 1935 book includes the common misunderstanding until a.d. 2004 with the flag journal "Raven" article by Peter Ansoff that debunks the "urban legend" or "ancient myth" of the "Don't Tread On Me" Snake Over Stripes flag ever having flown as an American flag during the Revolution. In addition, the Flag Bulletin #206 of a.d. 2002 shows a photograph of an actual "tree" flag that shows that the many branches on a tree were later fanciful re-creations. A simple triangle is most probable design for the Liberty Tree Flag, along with the motto "Appeal to Heaven" as described by Colonel Joseph Reed, aide to Commander in Chief George Washington, who was a distant cousin of Virginia Militia General Thomas Nelson, and rode his war horse "Nelson" - a gift of his cousin.

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