Saturday, November 11, 2006

England the Origin of the "Fake Snake" Navy Jack Flag

In the article by flag expert Peter Ansoff is discussed the possibility that the prone position of the Snake over the Stripes of the Sons of Liberty flag was meant to demean the image of the Snake in resistance.

Well to know that on its belly in the dust and dirt, the Rattlesnake is in Retreat, and the once thought defiant motto, "Don't Tread on Me!" becomes a plaintive plea, "(Please) Don't Tread on Me!" as the snake slithers away from the fray...

Let us Americans never slither away from the fray, from the fight for freedom, and the pursuit of Truth... and the Love of Liberty!

So, write your elected servants in Congress, your Representative and Senators, to ask that the Navy serve the Truth of our American History, and remove the Fake Snake Navy Jack Flag from the bow of our Naval Ships, and replace it with the true First Navy Flag, the Washington Cruisers Flag, the Liberty Tree Flag!

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